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The Youth Athletic Enrichment Program

The Youth Athletic Enrichment Program is an After School Program working in collaboration with the Detroit Public Schools Office of Health and Physical Education.

It was awarded a Skillman grant which funded programming and the development of an active, on-going sustainability initiative that included public and private funders. Programming and its processes have been undertaken for six months; and it is evident that the culture of the Detroit Public School is changing under the leadership of its new School Superintendent. Therefore, the way BLPBF does business with DPS has to change from old processes to new. The roles and responsibilities of the Executive Director, Assistant Director and Project Director have been expanded to fast track the organization into a new project management paradigm. The schools are now divided into clusters and Executive Directors for Student Achievement lead the clusters. Clusters work to develop the stakeholders' environment in the communities surrounding the elementary, middle schools, high school and speciality schools that are part of the cluster. Prior to this structure, YAEP had standing with individual principals in each of the schools where its program operated. The cluster approach will require YAEP to have a coordinated presence in each of the 24 cluster activities to maintain its investment as a major stakeholder in the lives of Detroit children.

Additional school youth coordinators will need to be hired to enable the Directors to relinquish their roles as school youth coordinators and develop and implement strategies to form alliances with the new Student Achievement Executive Directors; to shift school youth coordinators from an individual school concentration to a cluster approach and to manage that transition; to cultivate a volunteer base from within the cluster; and train school youth coordinators, board and staff in volunteer recruitment and maintenance. The shift has additional ramifications for leveraging organization opportunities for BLPBF such as fund development.


Series One: Self-Awareness and Development
-Who Am I?
-Character Development
-Health and Nutrition

Series Two: Combating Negative Influences

-Pressures of the Streets
-Male & Female
-Drug Use and Abuse

Series Three: Respecting the Past and Looking to the Future

-Respect for the Elderly
-Leadership and Discipline
-Business and Entrepreneurship



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